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Delta Educare Nepal is an overseas education consultancy, led and managed by dedicated consultants with extensive know-how on placement and career counseling. Services currently offered by our team include counseling the prospective students, identifying colleges and universities abroad, assured admissions, comprehensive preparation for the visa interview, and also pre-departure orientation. The core activity lies in providing accurate and realistic counselling to the students willing to pursue further education abroad. Our placement wing specializes in English speaking countries like USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand & Canada.

Delta Educare Nepal is also a training institute that offers preparation courses for international tests like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT & GRE. It is an institution founded with the mission of excellence in education, to maintain and promote the academic standard and to cater for the diverse needs of Nepalese students so as to lead the country towards today's competitive, progressive & technological world.

We are a team of professionals who believe in growth, harmony and integrity. We take an opportunity providing personalized consultancy to students at all stages of education, from school to university level. Our advisors are experienced. Our tutors are among the best in their specializations and deliver result-oriented lectures by generating appropriate environment.


  • My time with Delta Educare Nepal has been so fruitful. Thanks to the entire team

    Jasmine Gurung
    Elgin Community College, USA

  • Great services and excellent student support

    Rupak Poudel
    Elgin Community College, USA

  • Great IELTS preparation, great counseling service, Delta Educare Nepal is a name you can count on. Thank you, team Delta.

    Sajeeta Thapa Magar
    Charles Sturt University, Australia

  • The whole process of applying to study abroad had seemed so complex at the start, but when I got to Delta, it was so simple and hassle-free thanks to their guidance and support. Thanks a lot.

    Bel Prasad Gurung
    Royal Business College, New Zealand

  • Delta Educare Nepal is one stop solution for all the study abroad related service. From test preparation to, university admission, visa guidance to pre-departure advice, their services simply rock..If you are in Pokhara and looking to apply abroad, please visit them once.

    Jasna Gurung
    University of Findlay, USA

  • Among so many, Delta is the best education consultancy in Pokhara.Their services are par excellence !..They are so friendly, smart and knowledgeable.. 

    Ashish Gurung
    Royal Business College, New Zealand

  • You offer best service and would certainly recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks a lot for your mentoring and admission guidance. 

    Anup Parajuli
    Northwest Missouri State University, USA

  • I would like to thank Delta for their great effort that helped me in my TOEFL test and admission to one of the best universities in the USA. Cheers

    Ratna Chhantyal
    University of Findlay, USA

  • Your support is excellent. Thanks a lot

    Shanti Gurung
    Royal Business College, New Zealand

  • I am grateful to you for the very professional service throughout my time at Delta.

    Jasmi Gurung
    University of Findlay, USA

  • Thank you Delta for all the counseling, university selection, admission support and visa documentation guidance.

    Kusal Bhurtyal
    Northwest Missouri State University, USA

  • Thank you so much, Delta Educare Nepal, for your relentless efforts in making my application a success.

    Usha Baral
    University of New England, Australia

  • Thank you Delta for your support in TOEFL preparation and my visa success to the USA

    Sabita Adhikari
    Texas Wesleyan University, USA

  • Salute to the outstanding test preparation and visa supports provided by Delta Educare Nepal ! Scoring 99 in TOEFL iBT and getting a visa to Australia seemed so simple with your expert guidance . Thanks

    Rikesh Prajapati
    MEGA, University of Canberra, Australia

  • Students in Pokhara aspiring to apply abroad should consult Delta once to ensure everything goes well during and after visa application. I appreciate the services offered by them.

    Roshan Dawadi
    Texas Wesleyan University, USA

  • I am thankful to the whole team at Delta Educare Nepal for their continuous support and encouragement. Admission and visa process became so easy with your help. 

    Shanti Ghale
    Green River College, USA

  • From TOEFL iBT preparation to university selection, documentation guidance to interview preparation, the services you have offered are outstanding. Thank you so much for your support.

    Rakshya Parajuli
    Central Queensland University, Australia

  • Delta Educare Nepal is a name you can rely on for complete study abroad service in Pokhara. I would like to give 10/10 ratings to the consultancy services provided to me by you. Thanks a lot.

    Prajwal Gautam
    Texas Wesleyan University, USA

  • Cheers to Delta team for helping me out. You guys are precise, accurate and very very professional...

    Prabesh Gauchan
    MEGA, University of Canberra, Australia

  • Thanks a lot for your complete guidance that enabled me to secure a visa to Australia

    Pradip Chhantyal
    MEGA, University of Canberra, Australia

  • The way you assist students right from the beginning to the very end is highly impressive. The guidance on visa documentation is impeccable. Thanks for all the consultations, which led to my success.

    Rajkumari Wagle
    Federation University, Australia

  • I was referred to Delta by one of my friends and the moment I stepped into it, I got all the positive vibes. My friend was right. These people are great ! They advise you like your parents but in a very professional way. Now, I can say that I would not have been here in Australia building my future without their supports.

    Bikal Man Joshi
    ZBA, Victoria University, Australia

  • Hello ! I have already started my course and I am enjoying it here in Brisbane. It is exactly how you described it. Thanks a lot for you guidance and assistance. See you soon.

    Sandhya Gurung
    MSIT / Queensland University of Technology, Australia

  • At Delta, all my inquiries were promptly dealt with and my visa process was quick and successful. I was very satisfied with the way the entire team worked throughout my time there. Your service is outstanding.

    Sabal Adhikari
    Holmes Institute, Australia

  • Thank you so much for helping me out with admitting to one of the best universities in London on the course I always wanted to study. You guys were fabulous in delivering the service to my satisfaction.

    Robin Rana
    University of West London, UK

  • Great service with individual attention. Things that looked so difficult once has become so easy and simple with your guidance. Thank you so much and see you all at Delta after my graduation..

    Meera Gurung
    University of Ulster, UK

  • Coming to your consultancy was probably the wisest decision I have ever made. Thanks to what I got from you, I have gained success to boast of. This has built a strong foundation for my nursing career in the future. And I am proud to recommend you to all my friends.

    Bindya Gurung
    SBIT / University of Sunshine Coast, Australia

  • I feel lucky to have found Delta who helped me relentlessly throughout my test preparation and visa processing. The combination of perfect learning environment, enough academic resources and the most dedicated staff make them stand out in the market.

    Aakash Gurung
    MSIT / Queensland University of Technology, Australia

  • Delta was like a family to me. The entire time I spent there doing IELTS, counseling, applying for my visa was unforgettable. Thanks a lot, Pradeep sir, Dinesh sir and Vaishali di for your care and support.

    Aleina Tajhya
    ZBA, Victoria University, Australia

  • I owe the whole Delta team a lot for the valuable advice and mentoring. Cheers to everyone, especially Dinesh sir for being there whenever I needed help. Keep it up, guys!

    Priyanka Chhantyal
    University of Sunderland, UK

  • The thing I like most about you guys is that you listen to every single detail students have to say on their plan to study overseas. You give them as many good options as possible and let them decide on one of them. Your counseling is genuine, accurate and advice is very practical.

    Santosh Gurung
    University of West London, UK

  • The confident, serious and committed team members at Delta have made it possible for me to come and study at one of the prestigious institutions in the UK. They are straight-forward and quick and easily approachable.

    Pramita Gurung
    University of West London, UK

  • I am grateful to you for all the guidance you have provided to make me score well in IELTS and to make my visa application a success. Your support services are the best in Pokhara.

    Meena Gurung
    University of Wollongong, Australia

  • The counselors were very professional and helpful in making me to decide on the right course and the right university. Their assistance in making my application for visa was superb. I would like to recommend Delta to everyone in Pokhara who is looking to study abroad.

    Krishna Prasad Poudel
    SBIT / Queensland University of Technology, Australia

  • My dream of graduating with a nursing degree from abroad is going to be true very soon thanks to you. I am truly grateful to you guys for your much needed guidance in choosing the right institution here in Australia.

    Barsha Gurung
    MSIT / Queensland University of Technology, Australia

  • When I came to Delta for the first time I knew nothing about studying in New Zealand. But after attending the counseling, I had confidence that these people are experts in this field and definitely they would take me in the right path. Here I am today studying in my dream country towards my career.

    Nabin Kunwar
    International College of Auckland, New Zealand

  • I am so happy that I chose Delta to help me with university selection, admission and the cumbersome visa process. Your input was timely, precise and well thought out. You were instrumental in my success.

    Deepa Gurung
    University of West London, UK

  • Your support is top-rated. Thank you for helping to score 7.5, which led to my admission into ACU. Teaching methodologies, tutors' support, academic resources and learning environment at Delta is outstanding !

    Asmita Aryal
    Australian Catholic University, Australia

  • I scored 7.5 in IELTS, got admitted into one of the top universities in Australia with advanced standing and finally got my visa to Australia. Huge amount of credit for my success goes to Delta. Thank you for being so supportive and caring.

    Indra KC
    Deakin University, Australia

  • Unmatched iBT preparation and study abroad counseling in town! They are truly professional. Everyone should visit Delta once before they apply to study abroad.

    Bindu Bastola
    Quincy College, USA

  • Delta knows what is best option a student can go for and guides them accordingly. It gives 100% to what it does. Simply put, it is the best educational consultancy in Pokhara

    Chandra Bikram Karki
    Victoria University, Australia

  • I hereby heartily appreciate the efforts and assistance provided by Delta Educare Nepal. There were approachable and did everything I required to ensure my choice of university,course and country matched my circumstances. Thanks a lot

    Shukram Gurung
    University of West London, UK

  • Special thanks to Delta team for showing me the right path towards my career. From IELTS preparation, counseling to visa documentation, I got the best from you. Thank you so much.

    Sarita Khatiwada
    University of West London, UK

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Thank you for your interest in Delta Educare Nepal. We are here to dispel all the myths usually associated with 'Study Abroad' and to bring the concept of international education to the doorstep of every student, by making it affordable and devoid of cumbersome procedures...

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